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Benefits for Professionals

  • Master the skills needed for effective performance as a coach.
  • Improve personal effectiveness.
  • Coverage of ethics, boundaries and responsibilities.
  • Introduction to use and integration of basement instruments into feedback.
  • Training in a practical and highly effective methodology.
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback.
  • Gain skills clarifying the goals of your clients; make these congruent with their values.
  • Help your customer to go beyond their fears and blockages.
  • Learn to ask powerful questions and know when to use them.
  • Understand distinction between coaching and therapy.
  • Membership certificate by the ICC, a global network.




Benefits for the Organization


  • Coaching is evidence of the commitment of companies to develop and the talent of its employees and teams.
  • Builds high-performance teams.
  • Gain competence in leading successful change programs.
  • Contribute to an organizational culture focused on results.
  • Improve employee performance.
  • Develop the skills and competencies of its employees for the achievement of desired results and company goals.
  • Motivate and retain talent through an intentional personal and professional development focus.
  • Learning how to coach effectively improves your chances of success in managing international business and international projects.
  • Assist employees in working effectively across cross cultural differences.


If you are changing careers

If you want to bring the best out of others

This program is for you.


Learning how to coach effectively will benefit you and your company.



Coach As Change Agent: Former Mayor Los Gatos, CA. Jan Hutchins

The International Coaching Community (ICC), and   CoachCraft International

2018 Intensive Program Schedule

Workshops delivered in two (2) sessions  (4 Days & 4 Days), total 8 Days Class room plus 5 months Practicum.

Tutition $5,200.00

Early Registration Saves $2,000.00. Cost $3,200.00!! Compare this incredible opportunity>


Coaching Methodology.The Lambent International Coaching Certification Training is the ICC level one training certification.

2018 Oct.- Nov.



8 DAY CLASS: Oct. 17-20 & Nov.12-15, 2018

(George Mason University Campus)

     2018 DECEMBER

New!!! 8 Consecutive days 2018 December 1-8


One 75% partial scholorship  avialable for a  social justice non profit.

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01.703.7948682 (USA)

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