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CoachCraft Coaching Solutions and Certification Training                                                           Division of KTA Global Partners

KTA Global Partners

KTA Global Partners is the company behind the Coachcraft™ solutions. Coachcraft™ programs have been designed by Karyn Trader-Leigh, a professionally Certified Trainer of the International Coaching Community (ICC). The programs take into consideration training individuals, teams, and companies as a whole.   


The ICC is the largest coach certifying organisations in the world with more than 8000 certified Coaches in 60 countries and is based on the Lambent International Certification Coaching TrainingThe ICC training was awarded a European Quality Award (EQA) in 2010 by the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC). The training also meets the requirements of the International Coach Federation (ICF)  ACC Portfolio path. It is the only training in the world recognised by the EMCC, the ICF and the ICC. The ICC training programs use the Lambent award winning methodology to integrate and develop the main models of coaching, including: Behavioural Coaching, Integral Coaching, Ontological Coaching, Inner Game, NLP and positive psychology.




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